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We engineer your idea, we lead your project, we build your machine

NOMECS is a small company that specialises on everything related to mechanics, machines and mechanical engineering.

We concentrate on machine design, feasibility studies, calculations and machine safety; design being the biggest part of our activities. For this we use the 3D design software called SolidWorks


NOMECS executes its projects in close collaboration with the customer. In many cases even on location with the customer. Projects vary from small modifications of existing machines to the complete design of new machines and prototypes.
We work on various projects in different sectors:

  • (parts of) packaging machines
  • (parts of) packaging lines
  • modifications of sheet metal working machines for the steel industry
  • conveyor systems (roller conveyors, turntables, chain conveyors, continuous vertical conveyors, etc.) for the distribution and logistics industry
  • automatic assembly units for foundries and the automotive industry
  • punch units for assembly lines
  • conveyor belts, tilt systems and collecting systems for the recycling industry
  • parts of agricultural machines
  • automatic manipulators for the horticultural industry
  • measuring and alignment units for inspection and correction of steel parts
  • robotised laboratory setups

In some of our projects our clients produce the components and machinery that we designed for them.

In other projects we take care of production ourselves. The manufacturing of components is outsourced to a number of reliable workshops with whom we have a long history of cooperation. Assembly, setup and commissioning we do ourselves, with our own technicians. They will also be responsible for maintenance and repairs at our clients.

In a nutshell: NOMECS is your partner for everything to do with machines in all their stages: from initial draft to detailed design, including construction, maintenance and repairs. Or to say it in one sentence:
NOMECS, for your machines!