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Together with various partners NOMECS builds YOUR MACHINES.

Either test setups, prototypes or fullblown machines, for each machine we invest ourselves in each stage of the project.

Preliminary Study and Feasibility, Manufacturing, Assembly, Testing, Start-up, Commissioning.

Machine design

NOMECS designs your machines according to your requirements and wishes, 100% custom designed, to fit seamlessly into your existing production equipment. We utilize years of experience in mechanical engineering in order to build machinery exactly as you need them.

Our finished projects are running in various industries, such as:

  • Material handling en conveying
  • Packaging machines
  • Woodoworking machines
  • Assembly tools
  • Units for automatic assembly and quality control
  • Pick and place units

All our designs are developed in 3D, using the latest version of the design software SolidWorks. This provides you with a clear image of the machine or system in the making and the opportunity to follow its development step-by-step.


NOMECS has selected the 3D software SolidWorks. We use this software for a large part of our engineering activities: from preliminary and feasibility studies to concepts and designs to complete construction plans. We also have at our disposal additional software for the calculations of structures and mechanisms.

For specific information on SolidWorks please visit www.solidworks.com and www.cadmes.be


There is customisation and then there is customisation.
Often, machinery and equipment are sold as supposedly “customised” for the client. In practice this often boils down to a re-use of existing machinery or equipment designs, only slightly refitted to meet the client requirements – more or less. The result will rarely be a machine or system that is truly tailored to the client’s needs and that fully meets all his specifications.
We use a different approach.

For NOMECS customised really means customised.

Your custom-made machine or installation will fit “hand in glove” in your production line. And it will do exactly what you have specified. Your machine or system will really be “tailored to your needs”.
Our approach? Co-engineering !
We engineer your project in collaboration with you.

customised machines & prototypes

NOMECS not only designs your machines and systems. Together with our partners, we also carry out their realisation. We guarantee each stage of the project:

  • Preliminary Study and Feasibility
  • Engineering and Design
  • Detailed Engineering and Manufacturing Plans
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Start-up
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Repair

Be it test stands, prototypes or complete equipment: NOMECS will be there for each machine in the entire process.


NOMECS does not just develop new machines. Modifications to existing machinery and systems are proper projects to us.

Do you want to improve and/or expand an existing machine or system and thereby lift its performance to a higher level? NOMECS is your partner for exactly that! Regardless of whether it concerns a minor adjustment or a radical conversion.


NOMECS focuses not just on new equipment and upgrades of existing machines, but also specialises in the maintenance and repair of existing machines.

Are you working with a machine with essential components that urgently need replacing (drives, actuators, sensors, etc.), but parts are no longer available? NOMECS will find equivalent components and carry out the needed modifications to the existing machine to install these new components. We also do complete overhauls of machines, making them as good as new, so you can rely on them again for a long time.

Conveying & material handling

NOMECS is the right partner for any topic that concerns conveying and material handling: our extensive experience in the world of conveying and material handling enables us to perfectly manage your project from A to Z:

  • from initial drafts to layout and site plans,
  • from engineering and construction plans
  • to proper installation and start-up.

We are well acquainted with all stages of the process.

NOMECS is the address to go to for new installations, modifications, maintenance as well as repairs of existing systems.
In particular for conveying systems by Manumoderne, NOMECS is your partner of choice.


We remain open to all options for automation. For this reason we have built solid
co-operations with various partners, allowing us to work with automation from most common brands. Allen-Bradley, Beckhoff, B&R, Jetter, Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens,… all of these and more are possible.
In this way we are able to offer our clients customised work in terms of controls and programming.

This automation is not restricted to new machines. Modifications to existing systems, repairs, and adaptations of existing programs are interesting projects for us as well.

Machine safety

Machine safety is an integral part of all projects:

  • New machines and systems
  • Modification of existing machines and systems
  • Expansion of existing machines and systems

NOMECS is your preferred partner for projects that solely concern machine safety, such as for acquiring conformity of an existing or reconfigured installation.